J.M., Houston, TX

Not only does Monica have the technical skill to teach beginning, intermediate, and advanced yoga, she has the “soft skills” required to elevate a class from ordinary to outstanding.  When Monica walks into a room, she does so with a bright smile on her face, immediately setting the tone for a positive yoga experience.  Moreover, Monica is a master at speaking with calm, affirming authority and skillfully balances moments of instruction with challenging flows.  She never lets the pace of the class exceed the abilities of her students, always focusing on their growth in their individual practice.

N.L., Houston, TX

Monica’s warm and friendly personality won my 11 year old over instantly. My daughter was very unsure of her own athletic abilities, and Monica was encouraging and always gracious with Rachel, teaching her the proper position and explaining it as well.
As for myself, and the other adult students, again, Monica would gently help correct or position to the right posture and she never made any of us uncomfortable, with her words or touch. It was always enlightening to talk about her studies at the time and there was never a negative comment spoken that I heard. 
Monica is truly delightful and knowledgeable. 

B.S., Houston, TX

I have had the pleasure to know Monica Mathews for the past few years.  Along the way I have attended 20 to 30 classes instructed by Monica.  
Monica is extremely aware of the mind-body connection.  She heightened my senses through Yoga and meditation and she helped me understand and feel the deep healing benefits of yoga beyond the physical realm.  
Monica is one of the most genuine, loving and accepting instructors I’ve met.  While I only had a short time with Monica, it’s with a deep conviction of the heart, that I unconditionally recommend Monica as an instructor.  Monica is one of those rare people you meet in life that you never forget and I know that as a yoga instructor, others will be taken on an unforgettable yoga journey like none other.